Training Godly Warriors: Spiritual Basic Training

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Just like the military trains new cadets to become strong warriors, we must train our children to become Godly warriors! This 20 and 30 day (options) Spiritual basic training unit can be used in a Sunday school or classroom setting but was specifically designed to be used in a homeschool setting with some activities geared to different age groups (to allow the whole family to do together). For example, one page that has students record a Bible verse comes in three options. One with lines for older students to write out the entire verse and two options that have fill in the blanks (one with 6 blanks to fill in and one with 10). This unit was designed so that it could be used with any version of the Bible. All quoted scripture is from the NASB unless otherwise noted (to request a different version please email me).

I modeled this unit after the structure of the military’s basic training boot camp which I have outlined for the parent/teacher to better understand the framework. Understanding the framework will help you focus on important aspects of training to better equip your children to face Spiritual battles. While I have included many activities to help spark discussion and action, this is only meant to be springboard to further study and action. Remember basic training is only the first step in becoming warrior.

Becoming a Godly warrior is a life-long process that requires constant training, practice, and prayer. Children also learn best from what they see modeled by their parents! If this is an area where you struggle, I encourage you to ask God for help and seek out wise counsel from other Godly warriors who can help hold you accountable. Remember iron sharpens iron (Prov. 27:17)! Before beginning this training with your children, I encourage you to read through the framework included and take the time to look up and reflect on each verse. Pray for wisdom and protection from the enemy. Don’t be surprised if he attacks and don’t let him stop you! “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” –Phil. 4:6 (NASB).

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I. Spiritual Basic Training Framework (4 pages with scripture references for the parent/teacher's personal study)

II. 20 and 30 Day Unit Overviews (2 pages)

III. 5 Day Mini Study on Psalm 78 (2 pages + answer keys)

IV. Grandparent Faith Interview (1 page with 2 options)

V. 10 Commandments Study (5 pages + answer key)

VI. Modesty Study (2 pages + answer key)

VII. Hidden Sins (Bible verse page with 3 options)

VIII. Spiritual Weapons (includes Armor of God; 3 pages + answer keys)

IX. Identifying the Enemy (3 pages + answer keys)

X. Combat Skills (protecting yourself, spiritual warfare, shield of faith - 3 pages + answer keys)

XI. The Great Commission (Bible verse page with 3 options)

XII. Faith in Action (1 page)

XIII. Fruits of the Spirit (1 page + answer key)

XIV. Spiritual Gifts (word search - 1 page + answer key)

How to Use

I have included several pages to help parents/teachers understand the framework behind this unit as well as a 20 day and 30 day unit overview so you can see everything needed for each day at a quick glance. I did not include detailed lesson plans for each day as they are not necessary. Each student activity page includes directions at the top of the page for how to complete. Everything else you need to know is outlined in the unit overview (and framework). I have also included answer keys for most pages with helpful discussion ideas and more Bible verses to help further your study. 

There is also a list of recommended resources (a few books and videos) included on the top of the unit overview that can compliment this study but are not necessary to complete it. Please feel free to email me ( if you have any questions about this unit prior to purchasing.


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