Group Work Expectations

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This group work expectations product includes a group work booklet, seven adorable posters that teach collaboration (team work) skills and two group evaluation rubrics. The rubrics help students evaluate how well they worked in groups by circling a smiley, plain, or frown face next to each item such as listening to each other and taking turns. There is an advanced version with a rating scale for older students. There is also a section for them to reflect on what went well and what areas could use improvement.





I. Overview - pg. 4-5

II. Group Work Student Booklets - pg. 6-12

III. Collaboration Chant - pg. 13

IV. Collaboration Posters - pg. 14-20

• Collaboration Definition Poster

• What does Collaboration look like? Poster

• Speaking Softly Poster

• Listening to Each Other Poster

• Taking Turns Poster

• Encouraging Each Other Poster

• Doing our Jobs Poster

V. Group Evaluation Rubrics (Self-Assessments) - pg. 21-22

• Group Evaluation Chart - faces version (younger students)

• Group Evaluation Chart - rating scale (older students)

VI. Credits - pg. 23

Poster size: 8 ½" x 11" 

Grade Levels: PreK-3          File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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