First Day of School Get to Know You Graphs

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Use these fun Back to School Get to Know You Graphs as a first day of school activity! There are 15 bar graphs (and two versions of each + blank graphs) included in this pack. These graphs are meant to be used as fun “get to know you” activities during the first few weeks of school. Print and laminate page 4 (on colored paper) or page 5 (enough for one smiley face per student). Cut out the smiley faces and pass out to students. Print bar graphs (one copy of each per student).

On poster board or the white board draw a large bar graph (or enlarge the blank graph included pg. 38). Pick a bar graph for students to complete (note that there are two versions (15 & 25 rows) of each graph included). Give students a copy of that bar graph and write the question on your enlarged bar graph. Label the sections to match the students’ bar graphs. Have students come up one row at a time to the white board and stick (using poster putty) their smiley face to the correct section of the graph (i.e. blue eyes). If a student does not have a perfect match (i.e. their favorite color is yellow) have them pick their favorite out of the choices given (or the closest color backpack for example). Blank graphs are included so you can make your own categories.

Once your class bar graph is complete have students complete their own bar graphs by shading in the correct number of spaces above each category to match the class totals. Talk about the results as a class. Use the blank bar graphs included (pg. 36-37) to come up with your own “get to know you” questions! 

Table of Contents:

I. Instructions - pg. 3

II. Smiley Faces for Class Graphs (colored & black & white) - pg. 4-5

III. Student Bar Graphs (15 & 25 row versions) - pg. 6-35

•What Color are your Eyes?

•What Color is your Hair?

•Do you have any Pets?

•What is your Favorite Food?

•What is your Favorite Snack?

•What is your Favorite Drink?

•What is your Favorite Ice Cream Topping?

•How do you Feel about the First Day of School?

•How do you get to School?

•What Color is your Backpack?

•How many Siblings do you have?

•What is your Favorite Color?

•What is your Favorite Subject?

•What is your Favorite Special?

•What did you do this Summer?

IV. Blank Student Bar Graphs - pg. 36-37

V. Blank Class Bar Graph - pg. 38

VI. Credits - pg. 39

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