What's My Rule? Math Robot - A Fun Way to Learn Algebraic Equations with Math In and Out Boxes

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In goes 1 and out comes 7, in goes 2 and out comes 14, in goes 3 and out comes 21. What's my rule? If you guessed "multiply by 7" you are correct! The good 'ole math in and out boxes with a twist! How about putting your number into a robot who transforms it from the in number to the out number? Your students will be amazed and have a blast learning how to problem solve with "Robbie the Robot".

Pages Included:
• Robot Recording Sheets (two large colored choices, one large black & white, one sheet with 4 small robots)
• Sample Answer Key
• Instructions
• What’s My Rule? Robot Demonstration
• What’s My Rule? Card Game
• Directions for Making a Robot
• 5 Robot Card Sets with 100 Cards Total
-Set A: Rule A + 8
-Set B: Rule A - 5
-Set C: Rule A x 5
-Set D: Rule A ÷ 6
-Set E: Rule A x 5 + 2
• Blank Robot Cards to Make your own Sets (Rules)

To learn more check out my blog post here. 

Grade Levels: 2-4         File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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