Silly Sentences Writing Center 2

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Give your students a love for writing with this fun writing center! Students decide which card is the "so silly" card and which one is the "not so silly" card. Then they give the picture a silly score (1-5). Lastly they write two-three sentences describing which is so silly about the picture on the wipe off mat. Use a 9"x12" manila envelope with a clasp to store the center. This center comes with 26 picture card sets and 3 blank sets. A list of descriptive words and extra writing pages are included so students can make up stories about the silly picture cards. There is also an optional recording page if you want to grade student responses. Great for special education too!

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List of Sorts:

Set A: Upside Down Apple Tree

Set B: Insect Fish

Set C: Heart Grapes

Set D: Crazy Wings Butterfly

Set E: French Fry Pencils

Set F: Sideways Candle

Set G: Upside Down Rain

Set H: Water Fire

Set I: Backward Watermelon

Set J: Hotdog Worm

Set K: Sundae with an Apple

Set L: Beach ball Baseball

Set M: Donut Ice Cream Cone

Set N: House Made Wrong

Set O: Eyeball Gumballs

Set P: Spoon Fork

Set Q: Apple Traffic Light

Set R: Chick with Pig Snout

Set S: Cat with Skunk Tail

Set T: Car with Square Tires

Set U: Flower Snail

Set V: Sweater Made Wrong

Set W: Brick Igloo

Set X: Spaceship Fish Tank

Set Y: Egg Flowers

Set Z: Elephant Ears

Sets AA-CC: Blank Sets for Students to Create their Own Silly Sets!


Grade Levels: 1-4      File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

Common Core Standards: RL.1.2

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