First Grade Math Agents

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This first grade math agents packet is full of fun activities! There are 29 printables which include cut and paste activities, worksheets, and puzzles. The picture puzzles are in color so you can print and laminate them and keep in a math center. All the worksheet pages are a black and white printer-friendly version. Answer keys are included for all worksheet pages. Several first grade common core standards are also covered. Each page has a key at the top with the standard it covers.

Table of Contents:
I. Problem-Solving Cut & Paste – pg. 4-7
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS.1.OA.A.1)
II. Fact Families Addition & Subtraction – pg. 9-12
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS.1.OA.B.3)
III. Skip Counting Picture Puzzles – pg. 14-23
-Printable Puzzles (CCSS.1.OA.C.5)
IV. Equations (+/-) – pg. 25-28
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS 1.OA.D.7)
V. Missing Addends (+/-) – pg. 30-31
-Printable & Answer Key (CCSS 1.0A.D.8)
VI. Place Value Comparisons (<, >, =) – pg. 33-36
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS.1.NBT.B.3)
VII. +/- Place Value Cut & Paste – pg. 38-41
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS.1.NBT.C.4)
VIII. Measurement Length Units – pg. 43-44
-Printable & Answer Key (CCSS.1.MD.A.2)
IX. Telling Time Cut & Paste – pg. 46-49
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS.1.MD.B.3)
X. Telling Time Writing Version – pg. 51-56
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS.1.MD.B.3)
XI. Interpreting Data Bar Graphs – pg. 58-61
-Printables & Answer Keys (CCSS.1.MD.C.4)
XII. Credits – pg. 62

Grade Levels: K-2         File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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