Homeschool Organizational Charts

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These editable (PDF) homeschool organizational charts are the perfect way to start your new school year off on the right foot. There are seven charts included in this product. A homeschool planner which comes in two forms. A simple one-page planner for those teaching younger students and a more detailed two-page planner to cover lots of subject areas with older students. At the beginning of the school year I print multiple copies of the two-page planner double-sided. I hole punch the pages and put them in a three-ring binder to keep track of my lesson plans throughout the year. I also keep things like calendar pages, goals, curriculum overviews, and any other important documents I may need for the year in this three-ring binder. 

The next chart included is a daily homeschool schedule. Here you can list the times for each subject, the daily tasks to be accomplished, a list of free time activity ideas, daily cleaning schedule, and extracurricular activities. Laminate this chart and post on the wall for everyone to see. You do not have to adhere strictly to a schedule every day but I have found that it really helps my kids to be able to see when they should get started each day and about how long each subject should take them. It also motivates them to get their work done when they can see that, for example, after math they can take a break and play outside. Newly Added: I've also included a block schedule option.

The next chart corresponds to the daily schedule. It is a checklist with each day of the week listed so your child can check things off as they accomplish them. We laminate this page and keep it on a clipboard with a dry erase marker so they can easily check off things as they go. You can attach a pom-pom to the marker to use as an eraser or just have an old sock handy for them to use as an eraser. 

The final chart is a weekly meal planner that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for each day of the week. I've also included a section at the bottom for you to keep track of your grocery list. You can type out your schedule for the week on this fully editable meal planner or print it out, laminate it and stick it on the fridge for everyone to see. I like to do this so I can reuse it every week and so the kids can add to our grocery list when they notice we are getting low on something like milk.

Everyone loves the bright, cheerful colors of the schedule, checklist, and meal planner too!

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