Sequencing and Writing Set 1

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Sequencing and Writing Set 1 No Prep Pack: Sequencing can be a difficult skill for students to master. Use these sequence and write cut and paste activities as a fun way to teach critical thinking skills and practice creative writing. There are 30 sequence and write cut and paste activities included in this pack. Students cut out the three pictures on each page and put them in sequential order. Then they write and explain the order of events using the starters, "first", "next" and "last". These pages provide insight into students' thought processes as students must come up with a logical order for each picture set. Great for use with Daily 5!

Picture Sets Include:

1. Brushing Teeth

2. Eating an Apple

3. Making a Sandwich

4. Painting a Picture

5. A Cut and Paste Project

6. Getting Dressed for the Weather (rain)

7. Baking a Cake

8. Picking up Toys

9. Washing a Dog

10. Building a Snowman

11. Making a Bowl of Ice Cream

12. Starting the School Day

13. Chicks Hatching

14. Frog Life Cycle

15. Picking Apples

16. Eating a Pie (less pieces as it is eaten)

17. Butterfly Life Cycle

18. Starting and Putting out a House Fire

19. Caterpillar Eating a Strawberry

20. Planting Flowers

21. Making and Selling Lemonade

22. Washing Dishes

23. Raking Leaves

24. Groundhog seeing his Shadow

25. Playing Basketball

26. Making and Eating a Pizza

27. Eating Christmas Cookies

28. Decorating a Christmas Tree

29. Making a Spaghetti Dinner

30. Setting the Table

Grade Levels: K-3      File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File


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