Sequencing Sort Writing Center Intermediate

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Sequencing can be a difficult skill for students to master. Use this sequencing sort skill center as a fun review for students. This is the intermediate version (for the primary version click here). Students order the picture cards (sets of 6) in sequential order and then write a story (using the box of transition words) that describes the pictures on the wipe off mat. Use a 9"x12" manila envelope with a clasp to store the center. This center comes with 26 picture card sets and 4 blank sets. There is also an optional recording page if you want to grade student responses.


List of Sorts:

Set A: Planting Flowers

Set B: Making a Pie

Set C: Getting Injured and Fixed Up

Set D: Making Peanut Butter and Jelly Toast

Set E: Making Breakfast/Frying an Egg

Set F: Chicken Laying Eggs/Hatching

Set G: Science Lab/Project

Set H: Frog Life Cycle

Set I: Butterfly Life Cycle

Set J: Starting and Putting out a Fire

Set K: Baking Cookies

Set L: Painting a Picture

Set M: Going to School, Learning and Graduating

Set N: Trip to the Grocery Store

Set O: Taking a Bath

Set P: Getting Ready for Bed

Set Q: Doing Laundry

Set R: Making Breakfast (Cereal)

Set S: Picking up Toys

Set T: Building a Snowman

Set U: Making a Bowl of Ice Cream

Set V: Making a Sandwich

Set W: Doing a Cut and Paste Activity

Set X: Washing the Dog

Set Y: Getting Dressed for a Rainy Day

Set Z: Baking a Cake

Sets AA-DD: Blank Sets for Students to Create their Own Sequencing Sorts!

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Grade Levels: 1-4      File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

Common Core Standards: RL.1.2

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