Short Vowel Spelling Rules Poster Set

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As a former special educator, I know how difficult it can be for students to memorize all of the different spelling rules in the English language. That is why I created this product! I have broken down these rules and simplified them as much as possible by adding visuals and examples to aid with long term memory storage and retrieval. In addition to the visual aids I have come up with catchy titles (for those that did not already have titles) for each rule to help students remember them better. This is a set of 14 posters that cover seven short vowel spelling rules (2 posters for each rule). The posters are 8 1/2 x 11 inch size.

The following rules are covered:

• The Floss Rule - doubling the final consonant f, l, s and z

• The Rabbit Rule - doubling the middle consonant

• The Duck Rule - when to spell a word with -ck (v. -k)

• The Pitch Rule - when to spell a word with -tch (v. -ch)

• The Bridge Rule - when to spell a word with -dge (v. -ge)

• The Doubling Rule - doubling the final consonant when adding a suffix

• The Gentle Cindy Rule - when c and g say /s/ and /j/

Table of Contents:

I. Instructions– page 2

II. The Floss Rule Posters– pages 3-4

III. The Rabbit Rule Posters – pages 5-6

IV. The Duck Rule Posters – pages 7-8

V. The Pitch Rule Posters – pages 9-10

VI. The Bridge Rule Posters - pages 11-12

VII. The Doubling Rule Posters - pages 13-14

VIII. The Gentle Cindy Rule Posters - pages 15-16

IX. Credits – page 17

Grade Levels: 2-5      File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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