Summer Writing and Word Work

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Make writing fun this summer with these Summer Writing and Word Work Activities! Activity pages include "how to" writing, story writing, acrostic poetry, abc order, making words, syllables, sight word review, and identifying long vowel words. There are 34 student pages included in this product.

ABC ORDER - there are three abc order pages with 8 summer words per page. Dotted lines are provided as a guide for students to write the words. There is also an alphabet printed across the top of each page for students to reference while they work.

HOW TO WRITING - seven "how to" writing pages are included. Each page includes sequencing words "first, next, then and last" and includes a picture reference to spark their thinking. How to writing pages include how to build a sandcastle, how to dress for the beach, how to make a smore, how to make a hot dog, how to play at the beach, how to make lemonade and how to ride a bike.

STORY WRITING - there are four story writing prompt pages. Each story writing page includes a picture, story prompt and starting words such as "One day". Stories include, "My Favorite Summer Activities", "My Hiking Adventure", "The 4th of July Celebration" and "A Special Family Vacation".

ACROSTIC POEMS - there are five acrostic poem pages included. Each page includes a picture prompt and a word for students to write about. Acrostic poems include the words "summer", "camping", "crab", "sand" and "swim".

MAKING WORDS ACTIVITIES - there are four making words activities included. Each page includes a picture and letters that students can cut apart to help them make words. Students have to make as many words as they can out of the letters of a given word. The words are "sunshine", "vacations", "carnivals", and "lemonade".

SYLLABLE SORT - there are three syllable sort pages. Each page has three words with pictures. Students clap the syllables in the word and match the word to the correct number of syllables. The number is in the form of a number maze so students can have fun making their way through each number maze when they are done!

SIGHT WORD FUN - there are three sight word pages. Students spin a paper clip around a pencil to land on a sight word. They find the matching sight word and color it then write the word on a dotted line. Lastly, they find their way through a summer shaped maze (ice cream cone, dolphin or sunglasses) to get to the sight word at the other end.

LONG VOWEL FIND - there are five long vowel word work pages. Each page has a fun summer shaped (sunshine, watermelon, glass of lemonade, popsicle or pail and shovel) picture that is full of words. Students circle all the long vowel words (one for each of the five long vowels) and count up the total number they found.

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