Treasure Hunters Logic Puzzles

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Challenge your students to improve their higher-order thinking skills with these treasure hunters themed grid logic puzzles!

There are 5 logic puzzles included in this set:

1. Antique Treasures

2. Metal Detecting

3. Storage Units

4. Underwater Expedition

5. Ancient Civilization

Each puzzle includes a story and 4-5 clues. Each comes in color and in black and white and includes an answer key. These are a great way to challenge students to work on skills such as deductive reasoning, critical thinking, making inferences, process of elimination and more. Also included are instructions and a detailed description of how to solve a logic puzzle.


Want More? Check out my LOGIC PUZZLES BUNDLE (Note: the bundle does not include this set (treasure hunters) of logic puzzles).



A PDF file that includes:

  • detailed explanation of how to solve logic puzzles
  • 5 logic puzzles
  • 5 answer keys

How to Use

Watch the video to learn how to solve these types of logic puzzles. The logic puzzle in this video is just an example and NOT included in this product.


Grade Levels: 4-6      File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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