5 Branches of the US Armed Forces Posters and Fact Cards

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Teach your students about the 5 Branches of the US Armed Forces with these fun posters and fact cards. Approved by my brother-in-law who served in the Special Recon Forces of the US Marine Corps (which is basically the equivalent of a Navy Seal)! He loved it and thought it was a great simplified tool to teach children about the 5 branches of the US Armed Forces. When our nation is under attack it is nice to know that these men and women are there ready and willing to serve our country and protect our freedoms! Great resource to use for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, September 11 (9/11), Fourth of July (Independence Day), D Day and more!

Please note that these are the same posters and fact cards that are included in my "Oreo Memorial" Day Activities package.



• Instructions

• 5 Branches of US Armed Forces Poster

• Army Poster

• Navy Poster

• Marine Corps Poster

• Coast Guard Poster

• Air Force Poster

• 5 Branches of US Armed Forces Fact Card

• Army Fact Card

• Navy Fact Card

• Marine Corps Fact Card

• Coast Guard Fact Card

• Air Force Fact Card

How to Use


Print and laminate the posters to use for a bulletin board display. Print fact cards double-sided (with pictures on one side and facts of the back), cut out and laminate for whole class review.



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