Election 2020 Fun Pack - Venn Diagrams, Writing Pages, Electoral College, and More!

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**Newly updated for the 2020 election!***

Help your students learn about elections with this elections fun pack! There are venn diagrams, writing pages, an "I Voted" crown craft, jobs of the president, important issues, elections number puzzles, a word search and more! Great for grades 1-4. Check out the preview to see all the pages included! BONUS: This product will be updated for each presidential election (so if you purchase it you will get the updates for free)!


Table of Contents:

• Biden vs. Trump Venn Diagram

• The Candidates Venn Diagram

• Joe Biden Writing Page

• Donald Trump Writing Page

• The Candidates Writing Page

• Republican vs. Democrat Venn Diagram

• The Parties Venn Diagram

• Republicans Writing Page

• Democrats Writing Page

• The Parties Writing Page

• ”I Voted” Election 2020 Crown Craft

• Jobs of the President - with clipart

• Jobs of the President – without clipart

• Important Election Issues – with clipart

• Important Election Issues – without clipart

• Electoral College Map

• Election News Writing/Drawing Page

• Why Should You Vote? Writing Page – with word bank

• Election Number Puzzle – easier version

• Election Number Puzzle – harder version

• Election Word Search – answer key

How to Use

Use this resource to teach students about the upcoming 2020 election. Students use the Venn diagrams to compare the two candidates. Students write about each candidate on the writing pages. Students make a fun crown craft by coloring and cutting out the crown, gluing it onto a sentence strip or strip of poster board, measuring it to the size of their head and stapling it together. The electoral college map can be completed at home while watching the election coverage or at school following the election. The election puzzles are a great way to improve higher-order thinking skills and the word search provides a fun spare time activity.


Grade Levels: 1-4          File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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