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This group jobs product is designed to help define roles for group work projects. Included is a 10 page group jobs booklet, 17 adorable posters that show and tell about each job, 2 sheets of job name tags and 4 rubrics. Five of the posters give simple directions such as "color" or "cut" that can be put up on the white board to provide students with step by step instructions. Use the rest of the posters for a bulletin board display. The rubrics are two styles one for younger students with smiley, no emotion, and frown faces and one for older students with a 1-5 rating scale. There are rubrics for groups to fill out together and ones for individuals to rate their own performance.






I. Overview - pg. 4-5

II. Group Jobs Student Booklets - pg. 6-15

III. Group Jobs Name Tags - pg. 16-17

IV. Group Jobs Posters - pg. 18-29

• Group Jobs Definition Poster

• Group Leader Poster

• Writer Poster

• Recorder Poster

• Note-Taker Poster

• Time Keeper Poster

• Materials Manager Poster

• Illustrator Posters (two versions)

• Researcher Poster

• Clean Up Crew Poster

• Presenter Poster

V. Posters for Simple Tasks - pg. 30-34

• Cut Poster

• Glue Poster

• Color Poster (two versions)

• Clean Up

VI. Group Jobs Rubrics (two versions) - pg. 35-38

VII. Credits - pg. 39


Poster size: 8 ½" x 11" 


Grade Levels: PreK-3          File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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