State Symbols Flip Book and Interactive Notebook

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State Symbols Flip Books (or Interactive Notebook) for All 50 States! Your students will love learning about the 50 states with these hands-on flip books! There are 50 flip books included (one for each state). Each flip book includes an outline of the state, a line for students to fill in the capital (and mark it on the state outline), a state flag to color and flaps for students to draw and label the state's flower, bird, tree and animal (or mammal). ***Updated to include cut and paste clipart for all state symbols plus bonus reference charts for each state's symbols (state bird, state flower, state tree, state flag and state mammal). Please note that all of the reference charts come with colored pictures except the state trees which are in black and white (as I could not find any colored clipart for these).


Table of Contents:

I. Instructions – p. 3

II. Cutting & Folding Directions – p. 4

III. State Symbol Flip Books – p. 5-55

IV. State Symbols Cut & Paste Clipart

• State Birds (without State Names) – p. 56-63

• State Birds (with State Names) – p. 64-71

• State Flowers (without State Names) – p. 72-79

• State Flowers (with State Names) – p. 80-87

• State Trees (without State Names) – p. 88-95

• State Trees (with State Names) – p. 96-103

• State Animals (without State Names) – p. 104-111

• State Animals (with State Names) – p. 112-119

V. State Symbols Reference Charts – p. 120-129

VI. Credits – p. 130

How to Use

These flip books could be used as a year-long study of the 50 states. Great for project based learning! Have students work on them in their spare time or set aside time each week to work on them. Have students work in pairs or assign a few states to each student and make all 50 booklets as a class. Another idea is to cut out the flip books and paste them into a notebook and use this product as an interactive notebook.


Grade Levels: 2-5          File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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