United States Presidents Fact Cards

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There are 45 fact cards included in this resource, one for each of the former (and current) United States Presidents. It is my hope to continue to add presidents as they are elected in which case you will receive free updates if you have previously purchased!


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Use these fact cards for students to learn about the presidents. You can display them on your wall as posters or hand them out to students along with my U.S. Presidents Booklet for students to research and learn about each president.

Each fact card includes basic information on each president including the dates of his presidency, his age at inauguration, the party he was affiliated with, his vice president(s), the first lady, and what he was best known for. I've also included some interesting facts about each president and more. This would be a great resource to use for Presidents' Day!

Each fact card includes with a colored clipart image of the president (see thumbnails or preview for example).

Presidents Include:

1.) George Washington
2.) John Adams
3.) Thomas Jefferson
4.) James Madison
5.) James Monroe
6.) John Quincy Adams
7.) Andrew Jackson
8.) Martin Van Buren
9.) William Henry Harrison
10.) John Tyler
11.) James K. Polk
12.) Zachary Taylor
13.) Millard Fillmore
14.) Franklin Pierce
15.) James Buchanan
16.) Abraham Lincoln
17.) Andrew Johnson
18.) Ulysses S. Grant
19.) Rutherford B. Hayes
20.) James A. Garfield
21.) Chester A. Arthur
22.) Grover Cleveland
23.) Benjamin Harrison
24.) Grover Cleveland (same as #22)
25.) William McKinley
26.) Theodore Roosevelt
27.) William Howard Taft
28.) Woodrow Wilson
29.) Warren G. Harding
30.) Calvin Coolidge
31.) Herbert Hoover
32.) Franklin D. Roosevelt
33.) Harry S. Truman
34.) Dwight D. Eisenhower
35.) John F. Kennedy
36.) Lyndon B. Johnson
37.) Richard Nixon
38.) Gerald Ford
39.) Jimmy Carter
40.) Ronald Reagan
41.) George H. W. Bush
42.) Bill Clinton
43.) George W. Bush
44.) Barack Obama
45.) Donald Trump

Hoping to add future presidents as well!

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